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Getting Rugged Up - How to Choose & Clean an Outdoor Rug

Getting Rugged Up - How to Choose & Clean an Outdoor Rug



Well, it certainly is chilly right now,  and the thought of sitting outdoors probably makes you  go brrrr! 


Pavers or concrete can be pretty cold underfoot at this time of year, and even with shoes on the cold seems to ooze out of the floor, and into your bones.


When  I suggest  outdoor rugs to my customers, I typically get similar comments, challenges or questions, so I decided to compile a few of these into a blog post…with some responses.




“Outdoor rugs look so plasticky & thin - my feet stick to them in summer and they’re not thick enough to stop the cold in winter”


Quality_Outdoor_RugThis used to be  true a few years ago, but the quality has come a long way  - so it is fair to say, not all outdoor rugs are created equal.  

Whilst most are made from polypropylene, there is a vast difference in  their manufacture process.   Some are made from a polypropylene straw, which  creates a flatter, thinner product. More like a mat than a rug. 


Dash & Albert  use a a sophisticated manufacturing process  which creates a really fine yarn that can be tightly woven for a more rug-like result.  Think of it like bed sheets:  the finer the thread and the higher the thread count, and the more luxurious the feel.   Just take a look at this close up photo of the Dash and Albert rug - you can see the soft,  thick pile close up. 


Tip: when buying online - it can be hard to see the detail of a rug. Always look for close -up shots and if none exist email and ask for one. 





“Can I get a rug that will  co-ordinate with my colour scheme?”


These days there is a vast variety of colours and patterns available, and you should be able to co-ordinate  with your chosen colour scheme. Outdoor rugs are actually a great way to connect indoor and outdoor decor schemes. Have a look at some of the choices,  patterns and sizes here.

Beautiful Outdoor Rugs
























“How will I keep it clean?”


Take a look at these simple photo instructions on how to keep your outdoor rug clean. Cold soapy water and a gentle scrub with a brush followed by a rinse under the shower or with a garden hose is all that is needed.  Just hang the rug  over your balcony railing, pool pence or washing line to dry, and you’re done!  



Cleaning outdoor rugs

easy to clean outdoor rugs








































Still dont believe me? Check out this video!












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